Our "Stop. Imagine. Go" Bracelet is a combination of Blue Agate and Opalite Opal. It has been blessed and carries the intention for Harmony and Personal Power. This bracelet:

  • Helps to enhance creativity and strengthen intellect
  • Provides courage and emotional strength
  • Helps to dispel fears and anxiety
  • An energising stone that helps with persistence
  • Useful when undergoing times of great change
  • Leads you to a path of sucess


    • Blue Agate + Opalite Opal with pink tassel and pink glass crystals
    • 18cm Stretch Nylon Band
    • 6mm Cyrstal ball bracelet with six small copper beads, four small glass crystals and three 6mm feature crystal balls, a silver metal topped tassel and pendant featuring a 10mm crystal ball with a small copper and small glass crystal bead
    • We highly recommend that you do not wear your crystals in water as some can be adversely affected
    • Sunlight can also harm some crystals, which is why we suggest moonlight cleansing instead of sunlight cleansing
    • See the Care page for more information about caring and cleansing your Wyse jewellery
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