Our "New me, coming soon" Bracelet is a combination of Aquamarine, Opalite Opal & Labradorite. It has been blessed and carries the intention for Courage, Personal Power & Transformartion. This bracelet:
	Encourages you to trust in the universe
	Feel more focused and in control
	An energising stone that helps with persistence
	Leads you to a path of success
	Allows your mind the energy to develop new ideas
	Provides clarity and insight into your destiny


    • Aquamarine, Opalite Opal & Labradorite
    • 18cm Stretch Nylon band
    • 6mm crystal ball bracelet with 6 x 6mm contrasting crystals seperated by rose gold hematite beads with an off centre feature hanging pendant comprised of 1 x small cream tassel and 1 x 8mm feature feature crystal ball topped with a rose gold hematite bead
    • We highly recommend that you do not wear your crystals in water as some can be adversely affected
    • Sunlight can also harm some crystals, which is why we suggest moonlight cleansing instead of sunlight cleansing
    • See the Care page for more information about caring and cleansing your Wyse jewellery
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