Wyse Design crystal jewellery has beauty that goes deep down to the soul. Each crystal has been cleansed & then blessed using an antique Tibetan singing bowl with the intention written on the accompanying card. Each card tells you which crystals you have & the wonderful ways they can support you on your life's journey. 

There are a few important things to remember so that your crystals keep looking great & working their magic. 

1. Some crystals don't like water, so why tale the chance? We recommend it's best that you remove your Wyse Design jewellery before showering or swimming. 

2. Because of the power some crystals possess, we highly recommend that you don't wear them 24/7. Best to put them on when you wake & take them off before you go to sleep. 

3. Your crystals are constantly working hard to support you, so it is important to cleanse them regularly to rid them of any negative energies they may have absorbed. You can look up lots of unique ways to do this but one simple way is to leave them on the window sill in view of the full moon, allowing the crystals to absorb the moon's wonderful energies. ​

4. We aren't doctors; under no circumstance do we recommend that you alter your doctor prescribed medication or advice. Love & believe in your crystals because of who gave them to you or what they mean to you but never use them to replace common sense. 

5. If eventually your bracelet breaks or gets lost, don't get upset. This doesn't mean that it is faulty or that you have lost something precious. It means that your life has moved on and you don't need those particular crystals anymore. To grow we have to change! Be thankful, make a wish & set yourself some new intentions. It is best to set new intentions on a new moon.


Patient Moon - 5 Jan

Innovative Moon - 4 Feb

Imaginative Moon - 6 Mar

 Inspired Moon - 5 Apr

Pragmatic Moon - 4 May

 Restless Moon - 3 Jun

Slow Moon -2  Jul

Black Moon - 31 Jul

Earth Moon - 30 Aug

Harmony Moon - 28 Sep

 Transformative Moon - 27 Oct

Optimistic Moon - 26 Nov

Placid Moon - 26 Dec


Jan 21 - Wolf Moon

Feb 19 - Snow Moon

Mar 20 - Worm Moon

Apr 19 - Pink Moon

May 18 - Flower Moon

Jun 17 - Strawberry Moon

Jul 16 - Buck Moon

Aug 15 - Sturgeon Moon

Sep 14 - Harvest Moon

Oct 13 - Hunter's Moon

Nov 12 - Beaver Moon

Dec 12 - Cold Moon

Jan 10 - Wolf Moon 


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